Robot Intelligence Technology Lab


Lab Introduction

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Artificial Evolution (AE) are the key research issues of RIT Lab.
  • Machine Intelligence, Integrated Memory, Machine Interaction, Integrated Robotic System, Anomaly Detection are currently being focused.
  • Multi-agent System, Software Robot, Embedded Robot, Mobile Robot (Omni-direction) and Humanoid Robot in Ubiquitous Environment, and the Core Technologies of Ubiquitous Robot (Networked, Seamless, Calm Technology and Context-awareness), and Genetic Robot (Genome, Adaptation (Learning and Evolution), Growth and Personality) have been researched.
  • Computation Intelligence and Cognitive Architecture considering External Context and Internal Willingness, and its application to Bio-inspired Robot are also key research issues.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Artificial Evolution (AE) are the key research issues of RIT Lab.

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Research Fields

Active Knowledge Acquisition

Adaptive Knowledge Application

iOA (Intelligence Operating Architecture)

Integrated Memory

Machine Interaction

Anomaly Detection

Hardware Platform Development(1)

Hardware Platform Development(2)

– Episodic and Semantic Memory Design
– Learning from Demonstration
– The Mechanism of Thought
– Gaze Control for Navigation and HRI
– Situation Understanding and
   Semantic Map Reconstruction
– Emotion Extraction with Interactive
   GA, Deep Learning
– Arm Trajectory and Walking Pattern

I^2T (Intelligent Interactive Technology)-iOA(1)

I^2T (Intelligent Interactive Technology)-iOA(2)

I^2T (Intelligent Interactive Technology)-iOA(3)

I^2T (Intelligent Interactive Technology)-iOA(4)

Untact Authentication Using Face Recognition and Airtext

Transfer·Continuous Learning for Service Robot

AI Soccer Game Using Reinforcement Learning

Robust Self-Driving Car in Changing Situations

3D Change Detection and Anomaly Detection

National Projects

로봇 손 조작 지능 개발

과학기술정보통신부 ICT융합산업원천기술개발사업

“촉각이 가능한 로봇 손으로 다양한 물를 다루는 방법과 절차를 학습하는 로봇 손 조작 지능 개발”

2018. 4. ~ 2021. 12.

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적응형 기계 학습 기술

과학기술정보통신부 ICT융합산업원천기술개발사업

“자율지능 동반자를 위한 적응형 기계학습기술 연구개발”

2016. 12. ~ 2020. 12.

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협업이 가능한 기계학습

과학기술정보통신부 도약연구지원사업

“사람과 감성 상호작용과 협업이 가능한 기계학습 기반 통합 지능 로봇 시스템”

2017. 9. ~ 2020. 8.

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최적화 시스템 기술개발

산업통상자원부 산업핵심기술개발사업

“기계학습 기반 SMT제조공정 최적화 시스템 기술 개발”

2017. 4. ~ 2019. 12.

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