Heterogeneous Multi Agent Robotic System, “RoboSot”

Robot Intelligence Technology Lab. at KAIST

Multi agent robotic systems like Robot Soccer Systems are now popular. Present research on robot soccer systems is limited to homogeneous systems – systems that consist of same type of robots.

The most popular robot soccer game, MIROSOT, is a homogeneous multi agent robotic system which bases its operation on central vision camera and host computer.

Now we are developing a different type of multi agent robotic system. It will be another kind of robot soccer, ROBOSOT. This system is planned as a heterogeneous system. It means that the components of the soccer system will not be the same. For example, Goalie robot will be different from the other robots that play the role of attacker and defender. It can have more elaborate sensor or can be larger than other robots. It should also be able to detect position or behavior of other robots.

As a desirable modification to MIROSOT, we plan to design ROBOSOT as robot based systems which are quite different from vision based systems using central vision camera and host computer for vision processing and strategy. In this new system, the vision cameras will be distributed to each robot and like real human soccer systems, each robot is to decide its own behaviour.

Our aim is to find an algorithm for well organized heterogeneous systems. We plan to make it possible for heterogeneous system to combine information of each robot efficiently, like human soccer team.