AI Robotics

Robot Intelligence Technology Lab. at KAIST

  • Task Intelligence AI Robot “Mybot”

  • Humanoid Robot, “HanSaRam”

  • Artificial Creatures “Rity” and “Humanoid”

  • Multi-Agent System, “NaroSot”

  • Heterogeneous Multi Agent Robotic System, “RoboSot”

  • Ubiquitous Robot, “Ubibot”

  • PDA-based Robot Control

  • Software Robot, “Geney”

  • Emotional and Reflexive architecture-based Robotic Doll for Entertainment

  • Two Layered Confabulation Architecture

  • Mobile Plotter using Multi-agent Cooperation System

  • Omni-Directional Mobile Robot, “OmniKity”

  • Intelligent Robot Fish, “Fibo”

  • Humanoid Robotic Head

  • Interactive Robot-based Tutoring System

  • Preference-based Behavior Selection for Promotional Robot