IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2016

Robot Intelligence Technology Lab. at KAIST

  • Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada
  • July, 24~29, 2012

== Poster Presentation Sessions ==

  • Chansol Hong and Chan Woo Park ”’Evolutionary Dual Rule-based Fuzzy Path Planner for Omnidirectional Mobile Robot”’
  • Dick Sigmund ”’Reference Point-based Nondominated Sorting Multi-objective Quantum-inspired Evolutionary Algorithm”’

== Oral Presentation Sessions ==

  • Seung-Hwan Baek, ”’DMQEA-FCM: an Approach for Preference-based Decision Support”’
  • Gyeong-Moon Park, ”’Deep Adaptive Resonance Theory for Learning Biologically Inspired Episodic Memory”’
  • Ue-Hwan Kim, ”’A Fuzzy Expert System for Designing Customized Workout Programs”’
  • Ju-Youn Park, ”’Integrated Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Model for Episodic Memory with Task Memory for Task Performance of Robots”’ and ”’Multimedia Recommendation System Using Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Model for Digital Storytelling”’